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RANZCOG are pleased to announce the availability of an onsite crèche for exclusive use by the ASM delegates.


Please read through the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out more.


Who is eligible to access the services?

All Meeting delegates are eligible to access the crèche.


What are the ages of children permitted?

The crèche facilities are open to all children aged between 12 months up to 12 years.


When will the crèche be open?

The crèche will be open during the following dates and times.


  • Monday 17 September 2018           7:30am –7:30pm
  • Tuesday 18 September 2018          7:00am – 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 19 September 2018    7:00am – 4:30pm


Where is the crèche located?

The crèche will be located in Riverbank Room 1 of the Adelaide Convention Centre.


What is the cost for the crèche?

The cost for each day of full day care is $75.00


What is included?

  • Age and developmentally appropriate toys
  • Arts and craft materials
  • Board games
  • Fully qualified child care professionals
  • Nappy changing – parents are asked to bring their own nappies to ensure your preferences are catered for
  • Port-a-cots and sleep mats

    What is not included?

  • Food
  • Nappies

    What do I need to supply?

  • Labelled food in containers; no chocolates, nuts and lollies
  • Change of clothes, bibs, linen, special comfort toys, nappies, sunscreen and sun hat
  • Labelled water bottle and or milk bottles including formula
  • Any additional requirements relating to allergies. Medications to be included in child’s backpack and labelled with the child’s name
  • Labels for all personal items

    Who is providing the services?

    Starting from humble beginnings, Hessel Group has been providing quality care, support and education to South Australians for almost 20 years.


    Etched into our company philosophy and all of our staff is our core value – we care! We care about you. We care about the community that we exist within, and most importantly we care to make a difference!


    Conditions of Entry

  • Sign your child/ren in before you leaving them in the care of our staff
  • Sign your child/ren out when collecting them from the care of our staff
  • No child/ren should be removed without prior notification to Hessel Group staff
  • Children with infectious conditions cannot be accepted into the crèche. Such conditions include chicken pox, mumps, measles, conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, vomiting and head lice
  • Chocolates, nuts and lollies must NOT be brought into the crèche or left in bags left at the crèche


    If a cancellation is made within two weeks prior a 10% cancellation fee will apply.


    How do I book?

    If you would like to book into the crèche please email and we will provide you with the enrolment form.  Please not that all enrolment forms must be received by Monday 27 August.