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Sunday 16 - Wednesday 19 September 2018 Adelaide Convention CentrePre-meeting workshops Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 September 2018


Pre-Meeting Workshops

Pre-Meeting Workshops are scheduled for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September 2018.

Workshop numbers are limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Each workshop is subject to sufficient attendance and may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not reached; in this event, fees paid will be fully refundable.



Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September

Facilitators:RANZCOG GP Obstetric Advisory Committee
Venue:Riverbank Rooms 2&3, Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost:AUD $555 daily
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea. One ticket to the Diplomates Cocktail Reception held on Saturday 15 September 2018, 17.15 - 19.00
Participants:Limited to 60 participants

The Diplomates Day program has been prepared by the RANZCOG GP Obstetric Advisory Committee and each day is tailored to meet the needs of RANZCOG Diplomates. As the program is limited to 60 participants, preference will be given to RANZCOG Diplomates, with a wait list to apply for other registrants.

Day One: Obstetrics

  • Pregnancy and Gastric Sleeve
  • Difficult Delivery, LSCS+Pillow (Practical)
  • Uterine Suture, PPH LSCS, Bakri Balloon (Practical)
  • Neonatal Ventilation (Practical)
  • External Cephalic Version (ECV)
  • NIPT
  • Baby Check

Day Two: Gynaecology

  • Cervical Screening
  • Mesh Side Effects
  • Expert Panel on 3/4 Degree Tear, Incontinence Implants, Women’s Physio
  • Vulval Dermatology
  • Endometriosis




Facilitators:Gus Dekker, Rosalie Grivell and Amanda Poprzeczny
Presenters:Erin Clark, Bill Hague, Shilpa Jesudason, Shantha Joseph, Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Anjana Radhakutty, Chris Redman, Glyn Teale
Venue:Riverbank Room 5, Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost:AUD $555
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 100 participants

This interactive, full day workshop will be of interest to pre-exam O&G trainees, physician trainees, RANZCOG Fellows and all those involved in the day-today care of women with medically complicated pregnancies. Speakers include Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy, who literally wrote the book on Obstetric Medicine. This will be a day that will provide both the basics of management of medically complicated pregnancies, as well as recent advances and latest evidence in the field.


Time:8.30 – 3.30
Facilitators:Angela Chan, Lisa Del Din, Stephen Marchant
Venue:Riverbank 6, Adelaide Convention Centre
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 30 participants

This seminar delves into the issues encountered by Training Supervisors as they balance a wide range of workplace demands, College requirements and trainee requests while supporting trainees on their learning journey.


The format for the day aims to be interactive, drawing upon your experience and the contributions of the facilitators, to resource you as a training supervisor.


There’ll be a range of strategies for you to replenish your supervisor toolkit.


Facilitators:Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being, Flinders University
Venue:Adelaide Convention Centre - City Room 1
Cost:AUD $140
Includes:Afternoon Tea

This workshop speaks to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous medical and healthcare professionals and workers providing care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.  Course content is delivered using a mix of presentations, small group work and videos to deconstruct racialised stereotypes and misinformation and gain real-world strategies for developing culturally-safe and effective healthcare practices and systems.




Time:08.00 - 17.00
Facilitators:John Svigos (Convenor), Basil Antonas, Adele Crowley, Jennifer Magor, Chris Munt, Henry Murray , Anthia Rallis, Anu Raju, Darren Roberts, Leanne Stacy, Sally Wadsworth, Chris Wilkinson, Andy Woods, Mojgan Vatani.
Venue:Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Education Centre
Cost:AUD $555
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 20 participants

This full day workshop is specifically designed for senior registrars and obstetric on call consultants and for others wishing to refine their skills in complex vaginal birth working alongside experienced facilitators.

Participants will learn how to select and counsel women with regard to their birth options in relation to planned vaginal breech delivery, the vaginal delivery of selected twin pregnancies, rotational forceps and caesarean section at full dilatation with the impacted head with additional stations on neonatal resuscitation, shoulder dystocia and obstetric anaesthesia for complex vaginal birth to supplement the experience. In addition to simulation, there will be presentations on the evidence to support these procedures as well as a dedicated session on trouble shooting, dealing with patient demands, when to abandon attempts at vaginal birth and a discussion of difficult cases.

Excellent reference materials will be provided and true to its aims at inception in 2012 there will be no exams to be passed but instead a pleasurable exchange of experience in a relaxed learning environment. You are all very welcome to come along and enjoy the experience.

Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury Workshop

Time:08.30 – 17.00
Facilitators:Amanda Poprzeczny, Ellen Raghoudi and Heather Waterfall
Venue:Room L3, Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost:AUD $555
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 20 participants

This workshop is aimed at registrars and Fellows who regularly work on labour ward and are involved in the care of women who sustain an obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASI). The day will include presentations on risk factors and prevention of OASI, short- and long-term management and follow-up, and a panel discussion about management in subsequent pregnancies. It will also include a hands-on experience of repairing OASI.



Time:09.00 – 16.00
Facilitators:Mark Beaves
Venue:Riverbank Room 5, Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost:AUD $555
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 40 participants

The FSEP Full Program runs for seven hours and provides a solid foundation of information for all clinicians involved in antenatal and intrapartum care. The Full program is structured to cumulatively build understanding. Participants in the Full program also complete the FSEP and MCQ assessment at the end of the session. This is our core education program and is suited to most clinicians requiring education for an update in cardiotocography.


Time:08.15 – 16.45
Facilitators:Janet Vaughan and Glenn Gardener
Venue:Riverbank L1, Adelaide Convention Centre,
Cost:AUD $1,010
Includes:Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea
Participants:Limited to 20 participants

This full day practical workshop focuses on basic ultrasound knowledge and skills. This workshop fulfills the requirement for post-December 2016 FRANZCOG trainees to undertake an approved Ultrasound Workshop in the first 2 years of training.

The workshop consists of 5 hours of live-scanning tuition and 2.5 hours of targeted lectures. The five hours of practical hands-on scanning includes training in transabdominal and transvaginal imaging using a combination of pregnant women and pelvic phantoms. Five workstations are organised which enables interactive small group teaching. Each workstation has a pregnant subject, an experienced tutor and an ultrasound machine.

The knowledge component includes:

  • First Trimester Pregnancy: Transabdominal and Transvaginal Approach and Measurement
  • First Trimester Pregnancy: Normal Development and Viability
  • Biometry
  • Third Trimester Pregnancy: Assessment
  • Documenting your Scans

The practical training includes:

  • Hands-on Practical Session 1: The Ultrasound Machine
  • Hands-on Practical Session 2: First Trimester Measurement and Assessment using the Transabdominal/Transvaginal Approach
  • Hands-on Practical Session 3: Third Trimester Measurement and Assessment


Facilitators:Christopher Barry, Marcus Carey , Jenny King, Joe Lee, Alex Mowat, and John Short
Venue:Riverbank Room 6, Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost:UGSA Member $400; UGSA Non-member $450

The Lower Urinary Tract – Risk Management in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Litigation over urinary tract injury or dysfunction accounts for more than half the cases in obstetrics and gynaecology. Diagnosis is often delayed and management can be very complex so not surprisingly, litigation is increased 90 fold in patients experiencing a urinary tract injury compared to other complications during pelvic surgery. So what are our most common complications? When are these more likely to occur and how can we minimise the risks? This workshop looks at preoperative assessment and intra-operative processes including practical cystoscopy techniques to reduce urinary tract trauma.

We will also learn from several real life medico-legal cases: Would you have managed the situation in the same way, what were the contributory factors, how could you prevent this in your own practice?

The Pre-Vocational Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society - AUS & NZ Presents: A Crash Course in O&G

Time:09.00 - 18.00
Facilitators:PVOGS National in conjunction with PVOGS SA, Rosalie Grivell, Ian Symonds, Vijay Roach, Steve Robson
Venue:Adelaide Medical School
Cost:Full Day – PVOGS member* $65
Half Day (Academic Morning and Lunch Only) – PVOGS member $45
*To apply for a PVOGS membership, please visit
Participants:Full Day: Limited to 50 participants
Academic Morning and Lunch: Limited to 30 participants
Get ready...
The day will be divided into thirds, starting off with an academic morning where the movers and shakers of O&G will discuss the latest in College training programs, research and volunteering.

Get inspired...
A sit down lunch with RANZCOG Board members and inspirational O&Gs will follow to allow networking in small groups and to provide time for more personalised questions.

Get skilled
Learn new skills or put old skills to the test with a series of O&G emergency simulations conducted in a supportive teaching environment.